Thunder Storm - Plantation Point, Jervis Bay<br />
Huskisson, Shoalhaven, NSW

I have been working in this industry since 1970 from the humble beginnings of a camera assistant on TV commercials to shooting News, Current Affairs, Sport, Documentaries, TV Dramas, Commercials and of course underwater projects.

Actually my very first pictures underwater were in 1969 when I bought a Kodak Instamatic camera and found a housing that suited it. It was such a new frontier, exciting and filled with awe, the problem was however that my pictures weren't!

My work has taken me to many forums and locations around the world, each with its own unique blend and challenges. 

As a Photojournalist and Filmmaker, I have been able to alternate between the two to survive and as a consequence I have not been restricted to to any single form of image making and consider myself one that specialises in Natural History and Marine Ecosystems, but not restricted to either.

I am also a strong advocate of Nature Preservation and have been involved and instrumental in many campaigns to help protect bioregions and endemic species. I have qualifications in Environmental Management which enables me to "fight the fight" when necessary, which seems to be the reoccurring theme these days.

I think most people are aware that there is a significant decline in plant and animal species worldwide. The big picture can look very grim, but I believe if individuals embrace the smallest of these parts, then collectively huge changes can occur. My challenge is to protect apex marine predators like sharks. I don't know what difference Iv'e made so far.....but I do know I have made some...that's all that really matters.

From the many thousands of pictures I have taken, I have selected a few for this site. I think they are probably the most representative of the work I do, and they like me are in flux, so there could be some surprises along the way.

Hope you enjoy viewing them .